every cup connects.


Monochrome Coffee Co. is a social enterprise coffee company. We're socially-minded coffee snobs, out to empower people to change the world now.

The world around us is shaped by the decisions we make as individuals. How you treat people, what you do with your time, and where you spend your hard-earned coin has a big impact.

You don’t always know the impact you’re going to have on the world so we want to make sure you’re empowered in your choices. Not only are our beans organic and bought from small-holder coffee farmers, but MCco.’s profits fund programs in Tanzania through our parent organisation. Each program is designed to empower youth to live extraordinary lives and be leaders in their communities.

So relax, with MCco. making a difference is as easy as buying your morning coffee – in fact, it’s one and the same.

We have been kicking about since April 2015 and are based in the glorious city of Melbourne.

We absolutely love how coffee connects people. Whether that be friends connecting over a coffee catch up, or the fact that we get to connect Australians with Tanzanians through our beans.

Whitney Stacey



Whitney is a social entrepreneur at heart. In the last four years she has founded both Monochrome International and MCco. so she is no stranger to running organisations!

Whitney is our marketing and partnerships guru. She loves building business relationships that impact communities.

Whitney is passionate about people finding what they love, doing it really well and doing it every day. 

Matt Teluk



Matt is the other half of our awesome MCco. leadership team. He is driven by the idea of using business to cause positive social change in society.

As a lawyer-turned-coffee fanatic, Matt brings more than just a love of good coffee to the table. He is in charge of our legal and financial strategy and loves talking business.

Matt is passionate about connecting with people and encouraging them to take action to fulfill on their own vision for the world.