After working with children for the first year and a half we realised it would make a difference to work with the parents too. We found that the children loved school but when they went home their inspiration was dampened. This was happening for a few reasons; the first was because the parents had never been to school and just literally could not relate to the experience, the second was because the kids would come home after being encouraged to dream big and the parents were not sure how to empower and allow their child to continue that dream. So we decided to speak to the parents about what they wanted. After a few discussions we came up with the idea of an Empowering Parenting Seminar.

What do we cover in the seminar?

  • Child rights in Tanzania

  • Effective parenting practices that create solid foundations for them and their families

  • We have a brainstorming session with the parents and ask them to come up with ways they think they could empower their children and allow them to dream

  • We also give the parents an opportunity to ask questions and bring up specific issues they are dealing with being a parent

  • Basic HIV and STD prevention

Every seminar is a little different as we tailor it to that specific community and what is happening in their area at that time. We work closely with local leaders and NGO’s to make this happen.

Contact us if you are someone who has a special passion for empowering parents and would like to contribute to running a seminar.