our 'why'.

The MCco. Vision, Purpose and Values set out our reason for being. These guide everything we do and ensure that we are accountable for the impact that our actions have on our extended community - our East African children, our farmers, our team, our clients, our environment.

If our 'why' resonates with you, get in touch! We would love to connect you and your community with the work that we are doing in countries like Tanzania, through the medium of amazing coffee.


Our Vision

Young people around the world are empowered and enabled to lead bold social and economic movements that transform the communities around them.

The role of business is redefined such that success is measured by positive contribution to society. The world expects no less than the highest commitment by business to doing good.


Our Purpose

Monochrome Coffee Co. exists to transform developing communities through the education and empowerment of youth.

We enable and inspire consumers to have a tangible impact on the global community by providing an access that is powerful and transparent.

Monochrome Coffee Co. educates, connects and mobilises people through the experience of great coffee.


Our Values

Unquestionable integrity - an unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability in all actions, irrespective of what is at stake.

Be bold! - courageous leadership; redefine what is possible and have others be the biggest version of themselves.

Powerful contribution - transform the lives of others in a way that leaves a lasting legacy.

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